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Rayburn Cookmaster

The Rayburn has long been synonymous with life in the country. The Rayburn range cooker, with its gentle background heat, is often found at the heart of rural living.

Rayburn range cookers have a classic beautiful enameled exterior, classic styling and efficient cooking technique. Truly an object of desire, there's a Rayburn to suit every style of kitchen.

Rayburn Cookmaster are as versatile as you are in the kitchen, offering a range of fuel options, size and style options to match. You can have conventional flues' or a power flue, which allows you to position your Rayburn Cookmaster almost anywhere. And certain models are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature.

So, whether you want to create a home environment with comfort and warmth or simply want to enjoy the simplicity and economy of having your central heating, hot water and cooking all in one, be wonderfully at home with a Rayburn.

Rayburn Cookmaster

Why Choose a Rayburn...  
Rayburn Stoves
The modern Rayburn contains state-of-the-art technology and is subject to rigorous quality and the latest environmental standards.
Rayburn Stoves
Rayburns are masters of all culinary skills, from high-heat cooking to gentle roasting, brilliant baking and long slow cooking.
Rayburn Stoves
Reliability and efficiency are at the heart of a Rayburn. Designed by engineers and hand built by craftsmen, Rayburns deliver assured performance for years.
Rayburn Stoves Rayburns are insulated making them economical to run even when constantly turned on. As well as cooking, the gentle warmth provided is useful for many kitchen and domestic purposes - keeping the coffee pot hot, airing washing, drying herbs.  
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Cookers Rayburn Rayburn Stoves Rayburn Cookers
The Rayburn 200 Series The Rayburn 300 Series The Rayburn 400 Series
With all the power and efficiency you would expect from a Rayburn, but in a more compact size, the Cookmaster 200 is ideal for smaller kitchens.
A little deeper than the 200 Series, the Rayburn Cookmaster 300 will integrate with depth of your kitchen units. A generous hot plate takes up to five saucepans.
The Raybrun 400 Series is compatible with the height and depth of 600mm worktops. Wider than our 200 and 300 models, this is the largest Rayburn Cookmaster model.
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