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Central Heating Cornwall Central Heating Systems Look out for these symbols for quick and easy advice on the types of central heating systems, we feel are best suited to a property.
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Central heating specialists, the Stove Shop, provide information and advice on choosing the best and most suitable central heating system for a variety of different properties.

Finding the right form of heating for your home or commercial building can be a complex issue with many different possibilities it's often hard to tell which form of heating system is best suited to your needs. We hope that this guide will be able to help you.

Find out more about your heating options,
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Choosing the best central heating system for your home or commercial building.

Start by choosing the type of home you would like to heat.
Whatever style of heating system you decide upon you have to consider the volume of space to heat (room area times ceiling height) and how much work you are willing to have put into the system.
Simply replacing the boiler is far easier job than installing a full underfloor heating system for example.


There are no hard and fast rules deciding which type of heating system is right for your home so it's always best to get expert opinion.

Remember that the efficiency of any heating system will be increased by better insulation; in the loft, double glazed windows, draught seals, cavity-wall filling. Again, expert advise will help ensure that you get the best value for money

The information here is only a guide, more to point you in the right direction of how to think about your heating than a comprehensive step-by-step set of rules. You should speak to us for some expert advice before making hard and fast plans.


Choose the type of home you would like to heat.
Consider the volume of space you need to heat and consider your budget.
Consider amount of insulation you have , type of windows, draught seals, loft insulation and cavity wall filling.
Seek an expert opinion / View our property central heating guides.

For more information on what central heating system is best suited to your type of building, see the links below.
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