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Pellet burning stoves were first introduced in the United States in the 1980's. They are also very popular in Europe and Scandinavia. Pellet stoves have many of the advantages of fossil fuel heating systems but without the environmental damage. These include:  

* Programmable temperature and timer controls
* Fans that distribute warm air around the room
* Automatic ignition
* High efficiencies (up to 90%)
* Very low levels of maintenance and cleaning

Pellet stoves feature a hopper, that is filled by hand and holds enough fuel for 1 to 3 days of operation and an ash pan that needs to be emptied about once a month (depending on the model and the frequency of use) so they easier to use than a traditional open fire or stove.

Pellet stoves look similar to traditional wood burning stoves but use modern technology to ensure an efficient and clean burning fire. Because they use thermostatic controls and fans to distribute warm air around the room they are safer than traditional stoves, which rely on radiated heat to rooms, making the room's temperature uneven and the body of the stove seriously hot.  Some pellet stoves include an integral heat exchanger to heat water for the domestic hot water and central heating system.


As opposed to fossil fuel (coal, diesel fuel, gas)  which contribute to the greenhouse effect, wood is eco-compatible because its combustion is part of the life cycle of nature. The important thing is to burn the wood in the correct way.. Also, wood is completely renewable since every tree that is used for firewood can be re-planted. This ensures a continuous supply of new fuel for our fireplaces and clean air for our lungs

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Fire. A natural, healthy heat that respects the environment and your well-being and that springs from wood, the only source of clean, renewable energy in our ecosystem. Palazzetti fires and dual combustion wood-burning stoves produce warm clean air and can be transformed into complete central heating systems for homes of up to 200 square metres. Innovative technological solutions include the automatic pellet feeding system of EcoFire stoves.

The wide range of products available has been designed to suit every type of environment from traditional to modern to country-style and made-to-measure solutions are also available to satisfy your every need. The importance that Palazzetti attributes to design is also evident in our barbecues and ovens, an ideal way to rediscover fire in its most entertaining and enjoyable form.

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Here at the Stove Shop we have a wide variety of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves as well as a whole host of other renewable heating solutions.

In addition to supply and installation of your new stove, we can offer a regular or one-off servicing, maintenance and repairs and supply any parts you need.

Do get in touch with one of our in-house experts who will be happy to help you, whether you are looking for a new stove or need a replacement part.

You can also visit our shop in Liskeard and speak to one of our staff face to face, and see the wide range of stoves we have in stock.


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