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Cornwall heating engineers, Stove Shop provide useful infrotmion on heating your home.

Whatever stove / boiler combination you choose, there are a several things to consider. How much heat do you need it to produce, how much space do you have for it, how important are looks to you?

Stoves come is a wide range of styles and sizes. A general rule of thumb is the larger the firebox in a stove the more heat it generates. If you wish to include a back boiler with your stove the size depends on the number of radiators you intend to run from it and whether you want it to provide hot water as well.

As a very general guide, a three bedroom house would need a 6 - 9 kw stove/boiler with 75 % of the heat used for the heating system.


Stoves are far more efficient than simple open fires, the fuel burns longer and under more control (the stoves air vents control the intensity of the burn).
With the stoves flue enclosed there is no draught from the chimney that can be a problem with open fires. Modern stoves have windows that allow you to see the fire, making them as pleasing to look at as an open fire.

Speak to an expert for advice on choosing the perfect stove for your home.

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Approximate Fuel Cost Comparison - UK
Fuel Type Unit of Sale Energy Density kWh/kg Cost per kWh
( pence inc. VAT)
Electricity (Daytime) kWh   10
Electricity (Nightime) kWh   4.25
Oil (Kerosene) litre 11.7 6.2
Propane 13 kg bottle 13.8 11.9
Propane Bulk Supply (litre) 13.8 7.0
Natural Gas kWh 15 3.0
House Coal 50 kg bag 8 2.2
Anthracite 50 kg bag 9.2 2.5
Wood (Seasoned Logs) Bulk (cubic metre) 4 4.5
Wood Bulk Unprocessed 4 after seasoning 1
Wood pellets 8mm Tonne 4.8 3.5
Wood Chips Tonne 3.5 2.0
Prices as of June 2008. Significant regional variations exist and these prices are for guidance only.
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